April 2017: Ancient Cultures, Part I


In our new ´home´ called Happy Milk, we started a journey around Ancient Cultures. We made Cave Drawings, just like the ones in Lascaux. First we made caves underneath the tables from brown paper, then we turned off the lights and went painting with finger paint in our ´caves´ holding a flashlight in the other hand. So much fun!

ABORIGINES (15.000 B.C.)

The week after that I told them about the Aborigines and their Dreamtime Stories. A story about Tidalick, the frog who drank all the water of the whole country and the animals and aborigines trying to make him laugh, so that he would vomit all the water back. They had to paint a snake and then putting dots in Aborigin style.


Then we talked about the disappeared land of Mesopotamia. We found some cuneiform scripts and these led us to the different hiding places of treasures. The treasures consisted in images of different Mesopotamian gods, and about the Mother-God Mami who created them all out of clay. So then the kids created each one a Mesopotamian god.


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