April 2018: Picasso

Picasso, Part I: Blue Period

When Picasso left Barcelona with his best friend Casagemas to find his inspiration in Paris, things didn´t work out very well for them. Casagemas comitted suicide and Picasso was very sad. He only painted in blueish colours. The Children had to imagine a sad situation and paint that in blueish colours.

Picasso, Part II: Pink Period

After a while, Picasso got over his sadness and he introduced a pink colour in his paintings. The girls had to imagine a positive ending for the Blue Period Painting they made, draw that on a new piece of paper and paint that in Pinkish colours. Then they made a diptic out of it, with a portrait of Picasso on it.

Picasso, Part III: Cubism

The way Picasso thought that a real portrait shouldn´t be from one side, but from a lot of sides of the face. The little artists had to cut out their own facial parts of photos of different angles. Then they put everything together to make a beautiful cubist collage.

Picasso, Part IV: Children are Artists

The last Picasso class, the children saw a video of Pablo Picasso where he was drawing on a window. He created animals with just one line. Then we decided to copy one of these drawings, just to feel how he did it. After that the girls had to invent onelines themselves, and to inspire themselves by looking at drawings they made with their eyes closed and make something different out of that. They drew with their left hand and with their feet, with both feet, and eyes closed, and found everytime new figures in it. They loved it! In the end each one drew something on the window of the class, just like Picasso!


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