February 2018: Impressionism


After studying on Monet, Renoir, Cézanne and Morisot, the little artists had to make their own impressionist painting. They had a photo of a Poppy field and did a great job!

Impressionism in Spain: Sorolla

First the children had to make sums out of colours. They found out how to mix colours. Then everyone had to paint a small part of a painting of Joaquín Sorolla. After drying, we put them together and they were very proud of the result!

Post-impressionism: Van Gogh

“A sad story”, the children thought of the biography of Vincent Van Gogh. They really loved his work, as they loved his colours very much. Then they had to blow paint over a blue paper with a straw. These lines looked like branches of an Almond tree. With pieces of folded paper they had to make the blossom and glue that on the branches. With a beautiful self-made golden frame it really looked like Van Gogh´s “Almond Blossom”.


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