January 2018 : Velázquez , Goya and Rembrandt

Velázquez: Las Meninas, Part I

One of Spain´s most important painter ever is Diego Velázquez. And one of his most famous paintings is ´Las Meninas´. The children saw that painting and made a beautiful collage of a 17th Century Princess, la infanta Margarita.

Velàzquez: Las Meninas, Part II

Now all the girls could bring their princess dresses again and they had a workshop ´Styling and Make Up´ to make Meninas out of themselves. After that everyone turned into a Menina, we had a photoshoot. They all observed very well the paintings of Princess Margarita, and they imagined how it would be to pose hours and hours for a painter, with a corset and a very heavy dress, so they decided not to smile, just like la Infanta Margarita.

Goya: Los Caprichos

The children found out that Goya had times of depression, so we talked about depression and nightmares. He etched his ´nightmares´ in secret booklets. After that the girls received small black scratch-cards where they could etch their nightmares and make a secret booklet, just like Goya did. I told them that the nightmares wouldn´t come back if they drew them.

Rembrandt: Claroscuro (chiaroscuro)

During the 17th Century, there wasn´t electricity, painters such as Rembrandt used daylight and candle light. With just one source of light, shadows were very present in the ´claroscuro´ technique. In a dark room with just one lamp the little artists studied their own faces on a print of the Menina-photoshoot. They had to draw the light parts of their faces with a white pastel on black paper. Just the light parts. Later they had to use the eraser for the dark parts. Unbelievable, the results!

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