March 2018: Modernisme Català

Catalan Modernism: Part I: Arc de Triomf

Barcelona is a beautiful city with a lot of history. We are surrounded here with buildings from the Catalan Modernism. So we went to see and observe the Gate to the Universal Expo from 1888, the ´Arc de Triomf´. The story goes that Mr. Eiffel came to Barcelona with a plan to build a tower. They rather preferred an ´Arc de Triomf´, so no Eiffel tower for Barcelona. One year later it was built for the Universal Expo in Paris. The children had to draw the building by looking very well. They used charcoal and an eraser gum.

Catalan Modernism: Part II: Els Quatre Gats

After school we visited the enigmatic Els Quatre Gats, where all the important modernist artists used to gather to talk about change and visions. Pablo Picasso was a frequent visitor too when he was young. Inspired by ´Le Chat Noir´ from Paris, the children had to cut black cats out of black paper. After that they could play and tell stories about cats in the Shadow Theater I prepared.

Catalan Modernism: Part III: Gimcana Modernisme

The school where I pick up the kids is in a Modernist building, in the middle of a Modernist neighbourhood ´Eixample´, so a Modernist walk would be very interesting. I gave them a bunch of photos of modernist details on houses. Then they had to search to find them, so they could gain a card. In the end when they had discovered all these photos they could make a treasure map out of all the gained cards. In between three trees they found the treasure! Now they are experts in discovering Modernist details in buildings around them!

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