May 2017: Ancient Cultures Part II

MESOPOTAMIA (Babylon, 5000 B.C.)

The first week of May we continued the class about Mesopotamia and we talked about Babylon and it´s tower. It was fun, because all children spoke a foreign language apart from the Catalan and Spanish. So we counted to ten in Hebrew, in Italian, in German, in Dutch and of course in English ! Then we made two groups who had to make each a tower from paper cups.

MAYA (4000 B.C.)

When I told the children about de Mayan culture, I told them about astronomy and how the Maya made a first calendar. I also explained them about the cruel ballgame they had. Then we imitated this ballgame, but instead of skulls or 8-pounds balls we did it with a balloon. After that I told them about the Sun-God they had and showed them a weaving technique on a plate.


The Egyptians made their own paper, called ´Papyrus´ which we made in class with covering brown paper strips in glue and put them horizontal and vertical. And meanwhile the Papyrus was drying, the children ´mummified´ two Barbies “Cleopatra” and “Nefertiti”.

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