November 2017: Leonardo da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci, part I : Mona Lisa

We talked about Leonardo da Vinci and how he became one of the most important artists of the world. We found out how to make our own paint with an egg and pigments and the children painted their own Mona Lisa.

Leonardo da Vinci, part II : the inventor

We saw how Leonardo always wanted to fly, so he thought of different ideas to fly. This the children did as well, and then they designed their own wings. They really could fly 1 second longer with these wings!

Leonardo da Vinci, part III : the Explorer

The children experimented with chalk. Leonardo da Vinci used to make moulds from dead animals. The girls chose an interesting shell, put some vaseline on it, and made a chalk substance and put everything in a little bucket. The day after they discovered the forms in the chalk.

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