October 2017: Ancient Cultures: Part III

Roman Culture, part I (573 B.C.)

This month we are playing Art with the Romans. About their culture, their architecture, the roman numbers, their mosaics etc. Especially looked at the Roman influence in Spain.

The first class of the new school year. We measured if 1 cm would be 1 year, the Romans lived 26 meters away, near the front door. Well, actually, that was when Romulus and Remus were born. The kids found out that the Romans used different numbers and they made a very nice mosaic on a tile with beans on double-sided tape.

Roman Culture, part II: Amphitheaters

Then we found out that there were still some roman traces in and around Barcelona. For example, a beautiful amphitheater in Tarragona. Then we made an amphitheater ourselves out of a shoe-box. We studied different emotions in English, and a bit of perspective too. In the end they could play with self-made gladiators or



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